Green Mile

So the camp at Mile 4 was cancelled. They lied outright on the phone. It was more expensive and there was a charge for the car. Out of principal we told them to stick it. So we camped on the street outside Ocean Basket and spent the money on a meal and some drinks. So another campsite owner seeing the green in the form of $$$$ bills. Its not exacly the best camp in the world either and is rather open to the very strong Atlantic wind (imagine a concentration camp with barbed wire fence and nothing else). Ocean Basket was on Julies list of “must eat there again soon”. Blame Des and Hennie.We travelled to Walvis and stayed at the Yacht Club…for free! Again we spent the money in their Bar and Restaurant. We were going to see the Seals with the nearby boat trips but the weather was terrible so we wills see seals elsewhere. I hate boats anyhow and when its wavy and raining even more so.We met a family in Spitzkoppe when staying at the camp there (110N$ for two) (and again with $10 for the car!!!) and the son mentioned a new wreck on the Skeleton coast. What by all accounts is a cable ship had a fire and all abandoned ship. Its run aground just north of Henties Bay and we must have seen it happen. We thought there was a lot of smoke coming from it and there was !! We thought it might be an engine problem,,,and it was. There was no engine. So add that one to your maps. The little girl of the family mentioned above made us a lighthouse in our camp so we could see and so we don’r become ship wrecked I presume. We left it where it was so it should still be there……(first photo below)When you get home (family) please send us a message.

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