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Julies recent double trouble with her cut to the hand and toothache have turned out fine. The hand in healing and the toothache is gone thanks to the Antibiotics. We are going to try missing the next pain medication dose and just take the antibiotic to make sure theres no pain left. The anti-inflamatory properties of the pain meds will have to go as well. We see the Dentist in the morning at 10am to see what he thinks. We don’t really want to let him start drilling if its only an infection. We are heading towards La Paz so if it gets bad again there will be lots of Dentists to choose from. The Dentist here seemed to want to re-do all of Julies crown in here only bad tooth. The tooth is almost gone and she’s “more machine than man” on that tooth to quote Star wars.Anyhow, yesterday two other car turned up at the campsite so we have some Kiwi’s and some swiss to play with. We drank until early last night and tonight we are having a BBQ. Been to the market to get some meat and stuff. We do need a booze run sometime soon as we will run out sometime for sure. We have £3 of steak which equates to 1Kg. Why isn’t everywhere as cheap as here?We laughed reading Hennigs Blog about his toilet escapades. I recommend you read the last couple of days at need to watch out he may get more readers than me. Funny.The web site for the Kiwi’s is Kiwi Panamerica not that they have posted much. They bought a car in Chile and kitted it out using a penknife and some brain power. So far its not gone well. They’ve have a few flats and the radiator is knackered. They spent less on the car than we did on shipping….well almost. All fun and games and part of the adventure. To be honest I’d rather not have those fun parts in our trip….So Matilda if you’re reading this please stay well behaved. Cheers.Bolivia is lovley, cheap and nice. The people are great. We’ve even got a lady in the Sucre Central market who is now Julies best freind as we’ve got our veg there three days running. We’ve managed to get me some peanuts, we’d been trying for three days but the stall was closed because of Easter. The Market is super !!! Theres 17 Juice stalls to get a smoothy. (17 !!!!) We got the “all in” one for £1 and got two glasses. We didn’t know but you finish the glass and you get the rest of what they’ve made for free. So two glasses. The normal smoothy is ony 40p and again two glasses. Thankfull a travelling American told us the protocol about free re-fills. He should know, as everything is free re-fill in America. The Kiwis had given him a lift so he was shopping with us and may come to the BBQ.Last night in a shower of sparks the transformer at the end of the road exploded and the lights went out of course….something exciting and I saw the entire thing happen. Some lightsticks were brought into service for the first time. We’ve been carrying them for 17 months….they take up space so i’m glad to be rid of them. We still have a few in the emergency kit. Much alcohol was drunk and so were we.We will miss Bolivia when we leave. So far we’ve had a great time here. Few more weeks yet though and some (mild we hope) adventures to come on the road of death and La Paz at the overlanders camp. Bill and Rosemary are there with a knackered clutch and are wating for parts from the UK.

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