Cast Away

This is a tenuous link to a film. Our freind Henning has been in Kenya for a few months having found love. He’s back on he road. So since Tom Hanks’ famous quote from the film shouting “Wilson!” when he lost hs beloved ball we are now shouting “Henning!” as he’s on his way.This will actully be the second Tom Hanks link involving Henning as the first was in Tim and Kims in Ethiopia when he arrived to our amazement and I was stood there waving like Mr. Hanks did on the dockside in Forrest Gump. I did blog this so you obviously arn’t following. So to continue the trend.HENNING !!!!Today I changed the rear UJ on the rear prop and whilst I was there I checked the rear output seal. Its not leaking. Good news. The rear UJ was a GKN/Hardy and it didn’t last long so it must have been the way it was fitted so the blame swings to the mechanic…I have greased it a lot so its not maintenance. The one i’ve replace it with is also a GKN/Hardy. Fingers crossed my bush replacement using a G-clamp is good.We leave the free camping tomorrow having turned campsite 5 into a garage for a few days. My substitute overalls in the form of a pair of sweatpants are soaking in the wash. Very dirrrty…

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