Live And Let Die

Some fun and games were had in New Orleans for one day of Mardi Gras. We never saw Jane Seymore although we saw some pretty ladies….some of them may not have been ladies !Its nothing like Rio and Carnival and a completely different experience. We caught some of the necklaces thrown from the floats. The floats are tiny in comparison to the ones in Rio. They are pulled by tractors and are just basically delivery mechanisms for loads of stuff thrown from the back. We considered the catching of a thrown item to be completion of the experience. I got a few and Julie got one which was all I insisted she got. She needed to be forced to do it as it involved waving of hands in the air to attract he attention of a thrower. We went into the Hot Sauce shop and I tried some level 9 & 10. They were not very hot…..So I went and tried some 10+ which was hot. If we go back I will try some 10+++. I also tried some horse-radish and it was meant to be amazing…it was only OK to an Englishman. To an American it would have been “AWESOME!!!”. I really need to get more excited about stuff. The hottest thing i’ve ever had were some peanuts we got in California one year from some tourist trap of a shop. We used to have competitions to see how many we could eat in one go. I think I made it to three….the sauce was $18, do you think I got any ?

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