Leaving Las Vegas

Quite out of character we seem to have eaten and drunk large quantities of food and alcohol since we got home on Holiday. Those that know us will be unfamiliar with this as we are normally so reserved…Last night having run out of wine having drunk 6 bottles since Thursday night we resorted to some dodgy spirits my mother had in a cupboard which had been there since about 1970. Julie took to drinking Matrini Rosso and I drank some of what could only be described as “Henning’s Juice”. As I’m sure you will remember Henning is our Danish biker friend. The small fortune we’ve spent on horrid English supermarket wine only made the need to get back to a country with cheaper alcohol more apparent….so stock up South Africa….we’re on our way back soon. I should also point out that we went out driniking on Friday night with Julies sister Karen and that didn’t end well. We lost Karen in some dodgy bar in town and we got a taxi home with Karens phone and housekeys having waited 20mins outside the pub in question. Personally I think she ditched us and went dancing. She does that a lot! It’s a good job she has freinds who took her in at 3:26am and so she could do the walk of shame the next morning as we picked her up.At this rate I might put all the weight i’ve lost back on….I checked last night and the excess of eating/drinking hasn’t yet appeared on my ample belly.The reason for this entry is some of you are getting withdrawal

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