Jesus Christ Superstar

Afrer a bit of expense in the most costly camp of the entire trip @ £23.50 we have finally arrived at the cheapest. ITS FREE !!! We knew it was free and came especially. We will spend at least two nights here. All they require is a few beers in the Bar. I don’t mind spending the entire fee for normal camping on beer. At least we are getting something other than a patch of dirt for the price of the camping. So ten quid on beers sounds fine to me. So far wev’e spent £2.50We’re sat here listening to music on the car radio and theres nobody else around. The Sun is getting low in the sky so our camp pitch roof is doing little good. Its sunny and my legs are burning, the beer is getting warm. Time to move I think. Below is a link to what we are listening to. At least i hope it is as I can’t check as the internet at the camping pitch is too slow. Time to move to the bar and the FREE WiFi. That will be faster.Did i mention the place is called Oppi Koppi Rest Camp.

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