Bearing Witness

Another vehicle maintenance day today with what could be described as a full service. First to the problem areas. The rear nearside wheel bearing was loose, AGAIN. So it needed a full strip. This reveals a worn stub axle and a worn bearing but nothing too bad. I had spares as always but opt to not fit them. The bearing is running freely and the stub axle is, although on its way, not bad enough to need replacing. The wear is only on the rear face where the bearing runs resulting in the worn rear face of the back bearing.  They are OK for a while and since I check them all the time I doubt it will get ahead of me.The drivers side upper A-frame bush was loose. Looks at first like a knackered bush but on closer inspection and a tighten up to the correct torque it was just loose. Thank goodness !!Rear prop rear UJ is gone again. This is only a few 1000 miles since it was done at British 4X4 in Pretoria. Nice job guys….I’ll do it with a proper quality part shall I ????? Not the mechanics fault but the crappy parts. I might do this tomorrow. (looks like it was poorly fitted or a bad GKN UJ)Gear Box leaking from the fill hole. Tighten that up. Lets see.And now for my nemesis. The damn Transfer box….leaking like a good un from the Intermediate shaft. Can’t be bothered to do it now. The rear output seal is also leaking into the handbrake and again I cannot be bothered. This is going to get removed sometime soon and possiby in the place Mike mentioned. I have all the parts needed but i just can’t be bothered. I really nedd a new one. A nice second hand one from a Puma with 1000 miles on the clock would be good.Oil changed, Oil filter changed, Fuel filter changed, Air filter blown out, Fluids all checked, Door hinges oiled, Breather cleaned, Intercooler checked, Lights all checked, Engine Pipes checked, Rad fan re-secured.Jobs a good-un. Shower in cold water as the tribes that have arrived have never thought of  staggering their showers. Muppets.

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