Waterworld 2only Joking

If anyone is interested in the Map we are considering selling the service. So any Overlanders planning a trip drop me a line and we can  discuss it  further. Obviously its not going to be free and to update it every day requires either a satellite phone or frequent access to Email so you can send your location to the Map’s Email address. Then you’ll need a website or blog to host the map and we (actually Bart does) do the rest. As I said, drop me a line and we can discuss it. Its only an Idea at the moment. I could write full instructions on what you need and how you update the map.Also for those that haven’t noticed. The new map has a bouncing pin for the CURRENT location and the other recent pins fade in colour showing our trail. The Google map is using a new interface and the pins reveal our daily message only one at a time. Before they all came up over the op of each other and it looked a mess. Again all thanks to Bart. So if you want the same on your trip let me know and we can discuss it.I’ve slightly amended the last post below as I got cut off.

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