Egyptian Hospitality

Tonight we are agin treated to a meal with our host. His Brother and Sister in Law have come along to meet us as we are becoming quite famous i think. they also all want to come along on the trip but i’m not sure we have the room. The Doctors brother, Amr is a Engineer and worked on the airport in Sharm and is at the moment working on a new tram system at the airport in Cario. His wife Lamiaa is head of electronic resources an has just come back from a conference in London.  (she’s also just had to correct my spelling !)Julies grasp of Arabic is limited to No (“La” in Arabic) and she’s starting to overuse this term. He attempt to say “No Sugar” has been misunderstood as no tea. So whilst i’m sat here drinking lovely tea shes gone dry….although she has a plate of cake (baqlava)

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