Roughing It In Alex And Having A Cold One

We’ve today left the hospitality of Cairo and are back on our own. We’ve managed to find a place outside the University to sleep and a guy is watching the car (at least we hope he is).We didn’t get chance to say goodbye to all of the Doctors Family but we should again say thanks to Mustafa, Amr and Lamiaa for looking after us although its all Mustafa’s fault for coming past the Ethiopian Embassy at just the correct time.  The first photo is of a guy with a bit of bread on a tray which he successfully delivered to the man on the corner. My hair is getting long and getting cut this week. Allegedly I’m loosing weight? At least Mustafa thinks so. Was he trying to get in my good books?The pyramids were OK actually.They was the usualy hassle but noting too bad. Once Julie got into saying “La, La, La” to everything we were OK. She managed to get a beer in the Oberoi Hotel and never said “La” to that !

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