We have the disease again. We have been here over a week. We are actually waiting for next weekend, as that’s when Mum arrives in Houston. We are leaving here to go meet her so where better to stay than in a camp with HOT showers and GREAT Wi-Fi. No doubt as soon as I leave I will wish I’d downloaded something else. I doubt we will see speeds like this again until we get home to our own line. Which as it turns out is being disconnected…..soon. Why is it that when you are away you seem to have more stuff to sort out than when you are at home. If it wasn’t for Mum (mainly) and Dad (1st substitute) then our lives in the UK would fall to pieces and the house would be a royal pain in the ass. Even after two years away the English things still come around to hassle you. We have to insure stuff, rent stuff and agree stuff. All sorts of crap. I even had a Tax Return to do and I’ve not earned anything for two years !!!  Today I was talking to the guy in the next truck, you know the one who’s been here 4 years (4.5) and I realise I’m a bit rusty. I need a technical injection. I need to read some web sites and refresh my knowledge. I’m two years out of date. I miss my IET magazine and all the things it kept me up to speed on. I miss internet every day and just reading crap on there. I need to configure a router or two to get my fix….(but I don’t want to fix any PCs, Amen). I spoke to the internet service provider in the UK about moving my internet feed and realise I’m seriously out of date with whats hot and whats not in that field and that’s MY field….If you build it they will come…..and I’ve not built anything for ages. So I f anybody wants to send me some white papers on FTTC and the like then please do. Especially if its true and not propaganda stuff. Does this mean I’m preparing to come home……???? Is my mind telling me its over ? hmmm….Do I just have the disease bad from the 4.5 year carrier….at least in Mexico $30 pesos will get you any prescription…..

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