Batman Vs Superman

I really don’t get this at all. I know I’m not a movie site and I know I’m not a Movie Critic. How the hell on this good green earth is Batman (a man) going to fight with Superman (the man of steel). After all Superman is indestructible and Batman is well, just a man in a cape with some tech gadgets? I do not understand how Superman isn’t just going Laser his ass and give him a giant wedgy. Unless Batman can think of a way to put out the Sun (where Superman get his power) then its going to be a short fight….Possibly Sheldon can post a comment on how this will work in the slightest. In fact any one of the boys, feel free to post.I’ll not start on if Affleck is the correct choice for Batman and we’ll not talk about the Kilmer era.Looking forward to it….probably not. I’d rather Affleck carried on as director of “The Stand” and left the acting for someone with muscles.

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