Maximum Risk

We are finally leaving the campsite and on our way to the USA. We should be there in a few days to meet Mum. Another piece of good news is we’ve sorted our auto insurance for the USA. We have been dealing with the ex-pat department at AIG Insurance. Dealing directly with the underwriter so this is much easier than the normal call centre staff. We have a 1 year policy with the cover we need for under $800usd. Some notes for those of you who also need it. You may not need un-insured and under-insured motorist bodily Injury (BI) cover as its likely your home travel policy will cover this. Ours does so don’t waste your money on that. As an example we got fully comprehensive cover ($20,000) including zero excess glass cover with $1000usd excess/deductible for collisions, property ($100k), bodily injury cover ($300k for others) for the price mentioned. This is a high level of cover for the USA which is nowhere near the cover levels in the UK !If you only want the minimum you can go a lot lower than we have. If you just get the legal minimum and the price drops a lot !The company is AIG and the number is 800-343-5761There’s a few people there but if you get hassle ask for Kathy.

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