Cars Part 2

Took 5 hours to do the seals because the wading plug in the bell housing refused to let go. It ended up being drilled out and removed using bolt remover reverse screw thingy….I knew they’d come in handy one day. This wasted nearly 2 hours. I’ve found out my battery drill (actually Dads drill) can be charged on 120v which is strange considering it says it cannot on the back.Car is all sealed up and new timing belt fitted. Went to the Garage to get the oil changed so all is good. I still have slight leak near the oil filter so I need to look at that later but I’ve had that leak for nearly a year. Also fixed the bonnet cable again !Last night we stayed with Mike who we met in Nairobi early in 2012. We drank too much and talked until 1am….Julie was very drunk indeed.I’ve also be informed Mexico is classed as North America not Central so I’ve labeled all the post wrong. I’m not changing them….We are back at the Tennis club and enjoying the 10Mb/sec internet. This is far and away the fastest connection we’ve had in two years. Maps have been obtained for the USA, Canada and Alaska. Its a good job he’s not capped although I did ask before abusing the connection. I do wait until night and the other campers/residents have gone to bed.

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