Bratislava Bless You

Parked outside a church for the night, found a Irish Pub with Wi-Fi and a nice local beer and not I’m drinking Guiness. Worried about the vehicle again being on the side of a road even if its outside a church. According to lonely planet Slovakia is pretty safe even by UK standards and probably safer. We are getting better at locking up the car and using the security we have in place to full effect. The centre cubby is rammed full of all things of any value, not that there is much of value just cables and crap as most of the stuff is in my bag with us and not in the car. We attracted the interest of a Policeman on the motorway but we have no idea if he was lasering us or looking for the Vignette on the car. So far we have had to buy two Vignettes for about 17 Euro combined which is pretty good considering they cover all the motorways for 10 days each. They also look cool in the windscreen and will certainly fox an Africa copper hell bent on insurance, roax tax or something a nice hologram sticker can be explained as “thats it there”.I should have got a new laptop the battery is lasting only an hour. Battery management of all the devices is causing stress……we are having lots of practice charging them up and had had to buy a three way (not the ones you get in prague),,,,, adapter for the 12V.

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