Park Life

If you go to Wien (Vienna) you may see there are lots of parking spots on the side of the road and lots of small car parks. These are all devoid of signs of any description. There are lots of signs saying you cannot park between certain times in certain areas but none saying when you can park or where. So, after 3 hours of trawling round we found a small park near an undergound station and near a main train station. Julie skipped off into the station to find out whats what. We had already deduced that you need to get a scratch card like Bratislava and you get these from the train station or Tabac. Julie came back from the station even more confused so i went in and asked the same questions and got the same none answer. I then went to the Police station and got a reasonable answer. Parking charges were 9am to 10pm anywhere and is in zones (about 15 or so of them). Depending on which zone you are in means you need a different colour scratch card. Simples….not really. On my return to the car Julie was panicing as the warden was coming. We both jumped on him and luckily he spoke very good English and explained all. You can only park for two hours anywhere ! This was at around 5pm so we needed to park for 5 hours and this was impossible. The nice warden then said “don’t worry about it, as this was his patch and we could park all night for free”. Result and after only 3 hours ! So we parked and rode into town. Doncaster council would have been proud of us, except they don;t charge £3.70 for the short Journey. Only Doncaster have that expensive honour.To save the hassle of parking again we are leaving Wien(a). On a side note if you ever come here in a car go to a Hotel and pay around £4.50 for a 24 hour parking permit that allows you in the 2 hour places for 24 hours ! Go figure….BTW. I will post some photos soon. Honest.

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