Parking Is Becoming A Budapest

Got to budapest safe and sound. Did my weekly vehicle checks on the side of the motorway in a service station. Nothing worth noting except i seem to have used 60 litres of diesel where 40 should have done. Need to keep my eye on that but it could be a symptom of trawling round cities in traffic looking for parking spots! the parking with no signs. We found a really good place in Budapest on the side of the river and the type of view only the adjacent 4 or 5 star hotels have to offer. It actully cost us about 4 hours of parking 1600 HUF (about £4.50). Again the parking warden let us off for the 6 minutes of parking i didn’t have the change to purchase. He ticketed the adjacent car for similar.We met a guy from Somerset this morning (hi Chris) and he pointed us at some free parking up the river where we parked all day for nothing and got the tram into town. Took some time to figure out where to get the tickets for the tram and also to figure out that where the locals park isn’t always legal. Parking with your wheels on the mud (actually a park) is illegal but parking right across the pavement is OK. We narrowly missed a ticket as i decided the park wasn’t the safest place for the car so moved about 200 meters. Tonight we are really near the UK embassy. We seem to have a habit of putting massive crash barriers infont of our embassies when the others do not. Not sure why we think we are so special. Even the yanks don’t have them.Anyhow as seems to be the way of things the laptop battery is on 5 mins remaining. Its completely knackered. Cya later.

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