You Should Have Bought A Squirrel

#BFGOODRICH #GOODPROJECT Following the directions of a team is probably a bad idea…..if anybody recalls the film in the title you will know what I mean where the directions would have been a lot better if we’d bought a squirrel off Cathy Bates…..We went a bit “wrong on t” a few times which we now know means “t junction”. This was unanimously decided of course so we all went wrong. The track was for the “adventurous” according to the book. It was that.We’ve all been having a great time. So far,,,,,no Landies were injured in the making of this movie. Well only minor injuries. We almost had a terminal disaster in the form of three loose (VERY!!) fan pully bolts which luckily we found early. A squeek could have turned into a broken timing case and so very bad. We’ve changed a UJ on Dave’s truck, which was a first for him.

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