Prague 2

Looks better at night. After a night sleeping next to a cobbled street we need a rest . The drivers all think its a Grand Prix cicuit and the racket the cobbles make is unbelievable. Especially when your head is about 2 meters from their wheels. Bed at midnight after some beers and then up at 6am to beat the parking wardens. We moved to a much nicer residential area that would have provided a much better nights rest. They were setting up a film set in one of the houses and one of the vans had a Van Helsing sticker on the back from when they were filming that so not sure what they were doing. Looked very professional. We walked miles round the town and I had my first foot long Czech traditional hot dog…yummy. Our budget is blown again with it being a city. Found a Tesco’s and got some shopping. Its set out exactly the same as ours are at home so you can find everything. They have all the magazines on the right when you go in follwed by the stationary and car stuff and Laptops and TVs…just like Balby. Prices are comparable but strangely some odd things are much cheaper. Engine Oil for example was about £4 a litre and Vodka was dirt cheap. We bought one. Guess

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