Born On The 4th July

Some of you may note the South African recycling….and the flying fish. We are not really liking Florida. Most Americans are nice, generous and welcoming. Some are not. The guy in the campsite today came over as we arrived and went in to check out the showers. We wanted to see if they had hot water before we parted with our money. You get 30 mins to pick you spot. We we there 2 mins and he came over shouting and moaning that we were not allowed in the bathrooms as we were not camping (which we were, we’d just not picked a spot yet!) I gave him an truely English mouthful and told him in no uncertain terms to stick it. The host of the camp was not impressed when I complained to them with what he’d done. He’s the maintenance guy and also seeming a VET who thinks the world owes him a favour.Our freinds have had all their IT stolen. Photos, Routes, Laptop, Backups etc from their apartment in Florida. They’ve lost everything from their 5 year trip. www.lizzybus.comThese people just go for the money and have no comprehension of what the impact of their theft is. We really feel for them. We have copies at home for some of the photos but not all. We’ve met others that have travelled the world and the only place they have had stuff stolen was the USA. We’ve had a few days camping and almost enjoying the campsites. We’ll see if there is any fall out when we return to our chairs positioned in our spot when we return. The Kiwis are in Whistler and off Skiing. They want to be in Deadhorse by end of April latest…are they mad ? Its COLD up north….

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