Our Hospitality 1923

No sooner had you given up all hope than a nice Hotel owner gives us a free room for the night when we met at Dunkin Donuts (we do read your mails Jim!).The only problem, if you can call it that, is he’s South African and although he’s lived here a long time he’s still a South African and still has the accent a bit. So if you’re listening USA the South Africans are back in front considering all the damage the Florida folks are doing to your, so far, excellent hospitality. Its not the hotel in the pictures where we are staying. I’ll do a TripAdvisor on it later although I’m not allowed to be swayed by the free part….Anyhow we cannot paint an entire country with the Florida brush so to speak. We did meet another nice resident but he was from New York. Does anyone from here actually live here? (see update below)We went to Key West, we stayed, we left. The Sunset was crap although all the tourists thought it was “Awesome !!!!”. Go to Lake Malawi !!!! Did I mention we met a nice guy in Bass Pro shop in Marathon. The HR guy, he took our photos for the newsletter. No free stuff though although he did ask us to buy something. However considering we’ve been in every single bass pro shop we’ve seen we are yet to buy anything. We’ve no room for all the nice goodies they sell and I removed the tow bar so I can’t get a boat.Update: Met another Land Rover 90 today who stopped at the hotel to say hello. A very nice couple who are actually from Florida. So it seems some people are nice around here. Its just we’ve not met many. So come on guys, give us a wave and stop us to say hello. We like telling stories and meeting people, why else would we want to travel if we didn’t.

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