Wish You Were Here

Actually I don’t wish you were here at all. Some friends of ours told us that Florida should be cut off from the USA and tossed into the Ocean. Well we are about at the point where we think they have a pretty good idea. We’ve not had such a bad experience in a place since, well, ages ago. Even McDonalds, of all places, is now practically banned. They have one single chance left to make good their terrible service. In the old world three strikes and you are out. They have one left. 20 minutes for a drink (wait) in California and we still never got it – Strike one. Now we have a quite possible unforgivable situation….no power if your using our internet, we’ve switched off the sockets because of abuse…..I mean, “abuse”???? How can you abuse a socket ? We’ve been to other McDs where people sit in there ALL day…..and they are all seniors playing cards. Does this one have so much of a problem with Silver Surfers (or more likely tourists) that they needed to switch off the sockets. Even the disabled table socket was off and that’s there for the incapacitated to run their pace-makers or something. All three chain restaurants (we tried) could not (or would not) provide a single power socket for us to charge the laptop. Forget internet, we couldn’t even charge the Laptop……There was more service in the local café in Ethiopia !!!!! So McDonalds your getting a phone call…..I wish to complain and I’ll use my 25cents per minute phone to call you.We are back at the campground where we put up the tent because we must. Not because we sleep in it but because we must have one and it must be up and we must actually look like we are sleeping in it. If we sleep in the car we are an RV and we must be charged $30 something dollars to use none of the facilities RVs use.Welcome to Florida. We really don’t wish you were here. So far we’ve met two nice residents and we’ve been here much longer than other states where we met loads in only a couple of days. What is it about these miserable sods. Sunshine state my arse…..One more thing. everything is more expensive here. So for those that we meet travelling back up you have a lot to do before you get back in our good books. Worse than Mozambique….yep.

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