Gears Of War1

The wiper motor gear change. They’d given me a LHD one so the wipers tried to wipe through the bonnet. Luckily I figured it out and moved the park ramp on the gear so it now works. Nothing got broken as the wipers tried to push the bonnet off…..It was warm one day. Last night it threw it down with rain and we missed dinner as it was driving rain. Still cold so we are heading farther south.Its amazing how much grease you need to lubricate a little motor….lets see if they work next time it rains whilst driving.Contact made to some other overlanders so we are setting up a meeting. We met a German overlander this morning who seems to be following us as she’d been to the “rustic” camp the night before and caught up with us as we stayed two nights at the place in the photos,,,, the one with the nasty maintenance guy who has disappeared….did they kick him out ?

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