Another ffing trucker from the SAME COMPANY !!!! in the bloody walmart car park. So there we are just thinking about turning in and he turns up. Parks right behind us. Engine running. Engine running illegally, i’ve checked. They are not allowed to idle in Florida. Its federal law. Anyhow, we went to the toilet so I decided to ask him to move or turn off. How far do you think that got me? I went back tot he car and later, after an hour I spotted the security guy for the mall. I went over and told him to do something or I was calling the police. We’d got permission off Walmart and we parked where they told us and he was not. Not only not parked in a bay (he’s an 18 wheeler) he’s breakign the law idling. The security guy went over and told him to move. We also moved to somewhere when the ffing trucker couldn’t find us. So BEAM BROS Trucking and the United States Postal Service who use them to ship your paper. You’re both a set of you know what…….We couldn’t move far as we’d been for a drink. Luckily we only moved to the other end of the VERY large carpark behind the cinema. This is were the Security guy suggested. I managed to sleep, Julie on the other hand was worried all night and likely slept very little.

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