Why Oh Why Did We Move

Last night we moved just down the road from the hotel. This was a good move for the Pub but a bad move for the noise. The road noise we can put up with but at about midnight the disco started. Luckily they cannot have been busy as it only lasted 2 hours. We are posting this from the adjacent Mcdonalds again and if they don’t open soon they will have missed selling me a coffee as they are meant to open at 10am and its now 10:30. We aren’t the only one surfing on the doorstep. Luckily the wifi is full open.Not looking forward to today…..Egypt. Bah.One good thing from staying near the pub was we got some cakes (sweets as they call them) from the bakery. This from a market over the road we’d not see the day previous. We also found another restaurant to get more burt meat.

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