Crocodile Dundee

I’m sorry to say that my beloved #Crocs are no more. The company has just shut its last manufacturing facility in Italy. I wept a little when I heard this news and am in fact devastated! If #Craghoppers went the same way i’m not sure i could carry on being an #overlander. It’s not enough that my famous Craghoppers blue fleece is on its “last legs”, the burn marks from the many nights of camp fires, oil stains from the days under the truck. For my loved Crocs to be vanishing is unacceptable. I have one pair in reserve but before long they will be worn out too. What should i do. My wife, as they do, has tried to move me over to Birkinstock’s but i’m not a Pringle jumper wearing “golfer” so that is just out of the question. I’m too old for flip-flops, I’ve tried them, they just look wrong on a middle aged man. Should i grow dreadlocks next? So what’s a man to do? I think i might cancel the trip……


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