A Fool And His Tools

are easily parted….We have been robbed. Nothing too serious but my Axe and Impact screwdriver have been taken on the ferry from Aqaba to Nuweiba. I’d mistakenly left the rear door unlocked and when we returned to the car after the 3 hour sailing (actually 11 hours if you take into account the waiting and customs) they were gone. It could have been so much worse. The car was unattended for many hours, at least 6. So they could have taken a lot more. They had full access to the insides. So my Axe (very new and Wilkinson Swords) and impact driver (cheap and from toolstation) were the victims of a light fingered local or crew member. I even got the first Officer out of bed to complain at 1am when we’d docked at 9:30pm. We only noticed on the customs search much later.Not at all happy but it was my fault…I won;t do that again.The customs was as we expected a nightmare but made a deal easier by using a local fixed to go through the hours of paperwork, photocopies and money. We came out exactly £850E lighter including the £70E tip for the fixer. About £85UK. My fireextinguisher passed muster and resulted in me getting another bit of paper to go with the other 50 or so they produce for each foreign car.More later as Julie is wanting to do something.

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