A Fool And His Tools Part 2

Took a while to get back online and get time to continue. Sorrywhen the customs dance was over we filled up with Diesel having spent 13 days in Jordan on only one tank of fuel. Its a small country. We only got 21MPG from it due to all the driving in sand in Wadi Rum. Filling up in Egypt is a marvellous thing. The price for the fuel isn’t advetised so we were a bit worried we’d have enough. We put 112 litres in and the tank only holds 120 ish so we were nearly empty. Its a good job Julie said fill up where we did as there wasn’t another one for ages. I bet you can’t guess how much it was…..it was all of £125 Egyptian so about £13 quid. For 112 litres !!! We can leave the engine running all day an all night and drive needlessly everwhere just to waste fuel. Well thats how it feels.We’re currently in Sharm El Sheik (hopefully spelt correctly) and yesterday we went to the old town (as we’ve been told) and slept there in a car park near the hub of things. Tonight we are in the new town (as we’ve been told, and can see) and we’ve no idea where we will sleep. I’ve just repaired Matilda’s headlights as one was pointing to high and so blinding people on the side of the road. Just a bit of glue and some packing in the form of toilet roll. The washing has again been done and is almost dry although we’ve also put some in the laundry and we pick it back up tomorrow. We’ve also successfully blagged another shower at the Marriot. This time we told the truth having suss’s out who makes these decisions in th hotel world. We just walked straight to the SPA and asked the guy on the desk. He said no problem and we both had a shower. Mine was cold as the hot water was broken. This i know as the technicain turned up just as i was drying off. Within minutes he’d fixed it so i should have taken longer……. I tipped the guy on the desk for the gesture £30E as this is what we seemed to pay in the service station in Europe. Only fair considering. I should have discounted because it was cold !We’ve also had the oil changed in a garage. I provided the oil and filter and paid a guy £30E to do the dirty. He made a bit of a mess under the car as there is oil everwhere but at least its done. I need to do the weekly checks again as its been 3 weeks !!! since they were last done. The propshafts need greasing and the transfer box level checking. Not easy whilst trying to stay clean. The oil we used needs replacing so i need to find a shop. We also had a tyre pressure guage break so the tyre pressures are all wrong and i can’t let them down for sand and pump them back up to correct pressures. I need to find another. If there were only Halfords in Egypt. There’s certainly everthing else including Burger King where we are typing this. We’ve just met a very nice Dutch lady who lives here who’s told us where to go for such tools and things so we may take a detour there tomorrow to see if we can get one.  She’s also given us her phone number so we can call in an Emergency for help. Very nice.

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