Night Crawlers

In more ways than one. Julie has been bitten all over by what we presume is Mosquitoes,,, and for the first time ever i’m showing signs of bites. This is a first for me. So hopefully they don’t carry anything here. Julie has even been bitten on the face and because its Julie they swell up rather large so they look like teen acne on steroids. We are now running the killer in the car all evening. I didn’t expect to be running that in Egypt at all !We’ve met another local whos offered some hospitality so we are planning on dropping in on them this evening for a drink. By local i mean an ex-pat.We replaced my grease gun today at the parts market as mine gave up this morning and rather than mess around for hours fixing it we got another. We managed to replace the tyre pressure gauge and also got Matilda a wash. She also gets the five star treatment ! The pressure wash guy obviously hasn’t encountered a Land Rover and managed to soak Julie, who was sitting inside. He didn’t realise every door seal, roof seal and panel on a landrover leaks and they just cannot handle a downpour let alone a 150psi pressure wash. So julie is good for another 3 days before she needs a shower. heheThe other night crawlers relates to the noise made by the bars we slept near last night. One of them playing Arabic music on FULL until midnight and then the other dance music until 4:50am. We didn’t get a good nights sleep and awoke at past 9am. This is the lastest we have gotten up on the whole trip. The Arabic music is just bad, i’m not sorry to say that if i never hear another Arabic “hit” in the rest of my days i’ll be very happy.

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