Firstly i’d like to say its NOT a volcano rather a rim/crater made by an explosion underground and not by flowing lava,,,etc..Its described as a volcano but its not by the more learned accounts. So there….Its cheap to get in but like pulling teeth finding out how much it was before visiting. Many numbers were tried….and may excuses heard. The entrance gate was empty and a loyalty box to pay based on scrap of paper saying “please leave your money, I’ll be back tomorrow”. We witnessed at least one car full not paying. Its 30pp for day visitors and 50pp for over nighters. We were going to stay overnight but after the walk to the rim we wanted a shower and the camp has no water let alone showers. So we came back to Keetmanshoopdoggydog.The campsites were OK actually and had we stayed we would have saved quite a bit…It was almost as cheap as a wild camp. My advice is visit now as no doubt the money grabbers will put the price up a lot very soon. To go there without the walk to the top is pointless. You might as well look at it from 50kms away. We walked to the top and its not too difficult but sometimes a bit loose under foot. I’ve upped the resolution on the photos a bit as the previous setting was a bit grainy. Also some revisions of the sand/trees for Mum. Any bigger and the tree get cropped. They are at full res.

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