Two Time Winners

Again we have free accomodation in Morogoro at Dragonaires. We really like it here, not only because Guy Mcdonald the owner his wife ans son (also called Neil) have given us a free room for the second time the staff here are great and the people that come here have given us tips for south america (and bought us a drink to boot). The food and bar is great. I’m waiting for tripadvisor to accept my listing before i can post a review. Would you believe it they aren’t listed on there so i need to sort that out right away and get a review posted !We were on standby for the room as he had paying guests comeing but Guy still got us a shower and when the guests cancelled we were give the key ! Absolutely superb. Thanks to Guy and his family for making us extremely welcome and to all his staff for the superb food and service.Their “just cleaned” fish tank made me think of my little fishes which i gave up to come on the trip. When i get home i’m getting more.

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