White Fang

Apologies for missing off the post title in the last one….i’ll try not to do it again.We finally met up with the Kiwis again and they stayed the night at the same spot. I think Will wanted to get moving but Rochelle talked him into me making them dinner. They have a long way to go. They are trying to get to the Overland Expo in Arizona. I’m really jealous as I really want to go but its too far and the diesel would be mucho $$$. Scout the dog has grown up from a puppy the last time we saw them. Will has grown what the thinks is a beard and Rochelle wears the same wolly hat as me. Although hers is purple and not blue as it looked on the photos. You need to have facebook to understand that story….We met Dan in Whitehorse and will go back to see him on our return so no photos of that yet. Dan runs Wikioverland so if you are travelling or want to, its a good place to publish info and get info.As you can see we are nearing the end of the continent. We have about 500 miles to go north and then its all south and east for us…..its nearly over.We’ve not been online much as the internet is few a far between. Hopefully we will have internet today and tomorrow morning and then in a few days in Deadhorse. So don’t expect many updates. We will be on the sat phone however.Another mention for another traveller. Julian at Sports Trek got his car out of customs in Chile after they denied him entry due to RHD rules. Thats a team effort with many people helping him out from around the world. He got the truck out on the back of another truck so although hes not allowed to drive hes at least not paying the port to keep his car. Its not cheap paying Wharfage fees…..sometimes $250 per day  after the third day on port.

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