Transfraggin Something Pass Closed But We Knew That

The whatsit pass named above is closed from the 1st of november even though its easily passable on an electric disabled motor scooter. No idea why they close it every year even if they’ve had no snow. Thats Romania. There’s a tunnel at the top that has some big heavy steel doors put across it with a normal door allowing foot traffic and bikes through. So we had the 60 or so Km back track to go the long way round. I was hoping it was open but wasn’t optimistic. You may have seen it on Top Gear as they did it on their Romania Special Episode. Theres a lot of UK registered cars on Romania. I wonder where they come from? If you read between the lines, some are likely stolen according to Top Gear. They all seem to be Y reg which is also strange. Seen a few nice Land Rover Defender 90’s,,, and again this strange.We are again in McDonalds getting Wi-Fi. We’ve hopped on a few rogue Wi-Fi zones elsewhere. What we will do once he McD’s dry up i have no idea. We had a crap day yeasterday finding facilities. We need a shower badly. Its too cold to wash outside so need to find a services with a shower. If we don’t find one we will be in a Hotel for the night. The bonus is the hotels in Romania are cheap and should be around £20. I might try the “we don’t need the room, just a shower” trick. I don’t want to stay in a Hotel as it means leaving all our stuff on, and in, the car. Thats unless we get a room with a view on Matilda and/or a security guard or locked compound.

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