Constanta Parking Issues Although We’re In Varna

We’ve left Constanta where we stayed in our first campsite. Not the best one in the world but contary to a well informed source the price wasn’t 70 whatsits it was 35 whatsits so thats about £7 for a hot shower and a view of the Black sea. It’s not black actually its just like any other sea and its almost blue. Unlike the north sea which is brown. I dread to think what the resort of Constanta is like on peak season, it looks like it would be mental. According the Lonely Planet its VERY expensive and VERY packed. It looks like it gets pretty hot also.We did our first washing in a dry bag. You throw in the clothes add water and soap powder and seal it up by rolling the top (as per the way of stopping stuff getting we inside) and roll it around on the floor for 20 mins. You should have seen the colour of the water that emerged….even i was amazed. I’m blaming it on my socks as i’ve been driving in just socks to keep my feet cool and my foot well is a bit dirty. We need to buy a brush to clean out the car. I’m sure a market in Istanbul will have one. After rinsing the clothes we now have a pile of wet washing that we are slowly hanging up on the washing line across the back of the car. Julies knickers were hung up when customs wanted to inspect the rear of the car at the Bulgarian border. Julie is a little embarassed her “smalls” were there for the multiple customs men and the “one in the suit” who;s likely to be some secret police. Her knickers now have a record…… least they were clean.We are now in Varna and worried the car will be stolen. The crime in Bulgaria is pretty bad. We are in a secure park but the guard looked as dodgy as they come. Please don’t steal my home !Dinner tonight is eating out in “Be Happy” (a chain) and it was pretty nice and the price was also pretty good. They have free Wi-Fi so i’m sat here drinking my last Pint (500ml,,,undermeasure!!) and typing this. We aren’t the only tourists in here. Theres me and Julie 15 years ago sat across from us except they arn’t English but are speaking it. After all its the universal language and you don;t need to speak anything else……i hope !

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