What A Deva

its official we are moving to Romania. The beer is 1 Euro ! Its more expensive to park or drink coffee so we are moving here and living out our life as alcoholics. Not that we arn’t already. We parked in a Truck stop last night and made Chilli and Rice and then went to the bar bought a few beers and watched the first episode of a series i’d downloaded before we left. We have about 24 episodes to watch of a couple of series so we need to make them last, 1 episode per week. We also have a few films to watch so will use them when we are really bored. The parking last night was 2.5 Euro and the beer was 1 Euro…amazing. The premium beers were the same price as local so Julie had a Becks and I had something local. I felt so bad only paying 3 Euro for three beers i gave a 1 Euro tip. Their food also looked really nice but i’m not sure i could have ordered it although they all speak pretty good English here.Guess where we are sending this email from ? Mcdonalds again of course ! The reason for the title is we are in Deva on out way to somewhere we don’t quite know where it is. Should be fun.

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