Superman The Return

Its not been a good day. First we went to wash some clothes and the machine spent 1 hour washing due to its crappy water fill rate. We commented on the lack of suds in the machine whilst watching it, like you do. Turns out the soap powder has not been dispensed so the washing wasn’t clean and you know how dirty we are ! (see previous posts). The low water pressure wasn’t enough to reach the soap draw. So we had to re-start the whole lot and leave to go get the oil exchanged…..We returned to a bag of wet washing and its now hanging out to dry n the campsite.So,,,, we arrive at Autozone which isn’t the same one where we got the oil. They don’t have any oil for Diesels. I ask for a refund and because of all the free shit we got, all hell breaks loose as everything is discounted. They only want to give me the discounted price back which isn’t what I paid. They had really done something funky with the receipt in the last place. Anyhow after a load of discussions in English and Spanish which neither side understood we made some calls and got more than we paid back in return….I told them it was too much and they insisted. So we got an Oil Filter and Some Grease for 50p in the end. They couldn’t fathom we got all the free stuff for “free” and only paid full price for the oil and glue. When the cancelled all the free stuff and oil off the receipt it looked like we’d paid M$99.99 more than we had so we made that in profit and spent it on Grease and a Filter. My throat is sore from talking…..I also feel like shit again. Its the same thing as the last two times. I need to go to bed. We are almost out of antibiotics so I will hold off taking any. We need to get some more if I’m to take them for 5 days again. I wonder what it is ?There were some blog comments I forgot to approve….SORRY its now done.

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