Stay Puff

What are the things on the back of the car you ask. Actually not just on the back of the car but all over the car and no it’s not some type of new airbag system. I have no doubt it would work.

The items are bags, hundreds of bags, of cheese or chicken flavored corn puffs. It seems to be the most distributed product in all of Africa and especially in Malawi where it must form at least 10% of their staple diet. They are sold in every shop, every supermarket, every tuck shop and even by ladies sitting cross-legged on the ground.

I have tried one of the local bags and recently bought a more expensive brand from the supermarket and they are exactly the same. Although the supermarket brand does have additional flavors. They are not great but they are cheap.

The rear windscreen wiper is used for hanging fish and anything else that is light enough to be supported by it in fact the front windscreen wipers are also used for hanging fish which just lays on the bonnet as you drive along.

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