Cool Runnings

Very nice little campsite call cool runnings run by somewhere a lot of military guys from the British army stay when they are doing training.

6,000 a night per person which is quite reasonable although it does have suicide showers which for those who know Africa will understand. For those of you that don’t this is an electric shower head which heats the water in the shower head directly above your head very often poorly earth and in fact almost always poorly earth so if you get too close which is quite easy to do you get a little tickle and if it is very probably installed you get electrocuted. This is the reason for the name of suicide shower we always try them out together first to make sure with one person on the switch and one person showering in this case they weren’t too bad but you still got a little tickle. I don’t like them they are dangerous and also they don’t heat the water up very well unless you slow the flow.

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