South Africa In 90 Days Or Less

So we travelled across Limpopo into Kruger. We saw the little 5 in Limpopo. This included Cows, a goat, a few monkeys, trees and a bird or two. Its not got a lot to see. We are now in Kruger and the camp sites are as good as i imagined. The people camping are great and we’ve met some more generous South Africans. They are all generous. We’ve not seen much game yet and have seem the odd Elephant (about 20 odd today) and the other normal Buck, Buffalo, Giraffe and Hippo. We are goign to go further south to see if we can complete the five. I want to see a White Rhino with a big horn.The camps here are £13.50 per night so as long as we don’t drink too much we are under budget each day.The thing about the 90 days is as we suspected. We only get 90 days in South Africa even if we leave and come back. This means we have 90 days to see South Africa, Botswana and Namibia and its NOT long enough. If we come back into SA within the 90 the time just rolls on. If we come back after the 90 days we only get another 7 days !!! We had heard about this before and we’ve even been to the Immegration office today to check and its correct. So we will need to swap passports inbetween Botswana and Namibia and i don;t really want to do this and my second passport has only 5 pages left and this is meant to be for emergencies and in the event i need to use it i might need the 5 pages. So i will need to convince the border to use the acres of space and not a new blank page which they always seem to want. The daft woman at Tanzania used an entire page for one little exit stamp before i could stop her…..i wasn’t happy. I may need to get it replaced just because its running low in pages and they are not cheap. If we use the second passports they will give us 90 days more and be none the wiser.We visited the supermarket in town today having left the park. The beauty of the parks pass (wild card) is we can leave and come back as many times as we want. We marvelled at the real food at real prices in the supermarket and spent £40 on food we have only dreamt about for 6 months. We even have a box of wine some peanuts. We’ve not had peanuts since Kenya and a box of red wine was only £5.90 for 3 litres !!! and this was in the expensive park shop not the one in town where its cheaper but we couldn’t wait for the wine and got it last night. The camp has wonderful showers and facilities. Its just wonderful.In town we were stopped by the police again. This time he wanted a chat and no money. He might have started by wanting to fine us for something but that soon went away when he discovered our journey which is often the case (unless your in Mozambique or Zimbabwe). Turns out he was born in Manchester and left there when he was five. In Namibia we will just be very careful with the driving as they just fine you for everything and anything. We’ve been quizzing a local about this today and he’s confirmed what we thought. 

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