South Africa Here We Come Are They Ready

Tonight we stay in a Mozambique National Park. Its what they call a transfrontier park but according to the people we have met its just rubbish as no matter haw many animals they put into this park, Limpopo, they all work their way back to Kruger. Now this might just be the South African marketting machine at work so we shall see tomorrow. Esentailly we’ve paid to drive through with a nights stay inside the park gates. Quite literally inside the park gates as the camp isn’t very far away at all from the gate. What i can say is the campsite is the best we have stayed in in Mozambique. We have hot showers, a kitchen, toilet paper, a Braai and a fire pit. We got some wood so you;ve guessed it we’re having a fire. Its a nice little camp and possibly one of the best we’ve stayed in on this trip. No thats a turn up for the books! Its still too expensive though but at 210 Meticals each not as expensive as some of the other poor campsites we’ve stayed in. As Julies just pointed out at this rate we will need to come home in a couple of months having spent all our money in the last few countries with the rest of the trip cancelled due to the prices down here. Can’t wait till we do the budget graphs and stuff when we get settled somewhere for a few weeks. You’ll then all be able to see hom much different the southern countries are to the rest of Africa.We got ourself a Wild Card (about 2200 Rand) for the National Parks of SA so we can go into them as much as we want for a year. We still need to pay for camping and that seems to be about 180 rand per night (13 rand to the pound). We’ve booked our first night in Kruger tomorrow. The campsites look like something out of a Butlins Holiday Camp so we’ll take some photos. I’m not expecting Butlins but they have all sorts of facilities normally associated with holiday camps. Lets see. By all accounts they know what they are doing when camping. What i can say is there are lots of pitches (nearly 80) in the camp and we got the last one so its going to be busy. In a few weeks we need to get out of SA as the school holidays start….or it might just be time to stay in South Africa as they may all go to Namibia and Botswana. We need to ask someone who knows. At least the parks here have an online booking system so we know they have space before travelling and how much they all are.This SIM card stops working tomorrow so not sure when the next comment will be. I wonder if Kruger has an Internet Cafe? I bet it does, it will be next to the Bank and Petrol Station………

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