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Last night we stayed for free with an lovely Australian man at his Garden Nursery. He’s got quite a huge plot of land near Ibarra, Ecuador and sells thousands of plants wholesale style. He has a nice spot to park up and a kitchen and shower. He even has rooms if you’re on a motorbike.If you want to stay there just send him an Email to make sure he’s around. His Email is gkersy at hotmail . c o mThe GPS point is below (you can look at where it is on BING MAPS, not Google) N 00 18.416    W 078 07.918   He mentioned he likes visitors ! Its a good place to stay and then cross to Columbia the next day. His place to Pasto in Columbia is easily done in a day. Even if you take hours to cross and spent over an hour buying insurance !! We’d like to say thanks to Rusty, Laura and their lovely family for looking after us,,,, for a week !!! in Quito. THANKS !!!!We’ve arrived in Columbia and we are staying in the Hotel Chambu in Pasto. They have a nice garage with 2.6 meter door. So if you need a hotel because you feel like you’re going to be murdered due to the FCO reports then this is the place.

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