More on the spider when i upload the photos tomorrow.There I was going under the car an this little fella….(LARGE fella) decided to happen by. Not sure what he is or if he’s a biter but I didn’t stick around long. I resisted the temptation to “nuke his ass” and let him run away. Hopefully he’s not back this morning. If he comes back he’s getting nuked.OK so i did a little goggle searching and it looks like a Brazilian Wandering Spider…….OH !!!! “The most venomous spider in Earth”. It did rear up just like one when I annoyed it. I hope its not in the garden or more importantly in the car !!!!On a lighter note….When flying one way some airlines will stop you boarding and this includes the return portion of your ticket you used to visit home. You see you don’t have a return ticket now do you….you only have the return part. This means they will stop you flying. Except you can check the rules and wave them in their faces before you travel. I’m not saying you can fly but if you know the rules then you can travel pre-warned.For example we we flying back to the USA and if you use VWP you need a return ticket. If you have a B2 visa then you don’t need a roudtrip ticket.STAR ALLIANCE TIMATIC APPLICATIONSorry about the formatting…../ 25MAY13 / 0708 UTC National United Kingdom (GB)     Embarkation United Kingdom (GB)/Destination USA (US)  USA (US)   Passport required. – Passports issued to nationals of United Kingdom must be   valid for the period of intended stay.  Passport Exemptions: – Holders of a Form I-512 ( Authorization for Parole of an   Alien into the United States”).  – Holders of a Temporary or Emergency passports.  Visa required, except for A max. stay of 90 days for holders of British passports endorsed  British Citizen  traveling as a tourist, on business or in transit (SEE NOTE 42904) (SEE NOTE 42905) (SEE NOTE 42906) (SEE NOTE 42907)     NOTE 42904: Passengers must obtain an ESTA authorization    (via https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/) prior to boarding.      NOTE 42905: Passport issued on or after October 26, 2006    must be biometric (i.e. e-Passport, containing an    integrated chip).     NOTE 42906: Passport issued on or after October 26, 2005,    but prior to October 26, 2006 must:    – be machine-readable and contain a digital photograph; or    – be biometric (i.e. e-Passport, containing an integrated    chip).     NOTE 42907: Passport issued prior to October 26, 2005 must    be machine-readable. Visa required, except for Holders of British passports endorsed  British Overseas Territories Citizen  issued to residents of Bermuda. Visa required, except for Holders of a Form I-512 ( Authorization for Parole of an Alien into the United States”). Minors: – Children, up to/incl. 15 years of age, being nationals of   United Kingdom, are not allowed to enter the USA on their   parents passports.  – Minors traveling unaccompanied, or accompanied by one parent   or a person other than parent/legal guardian,   For details, click here.       Additional Information: – Visitors are required to hold proof of sufficient funds to   cover their stay and documents required for their next   destination.  – The following applies to those traveling under the US Visa   Waiver Program:  – Each passenger must hold own passport (incl.    Emergency/Temporary passport) and be traveling as a    tourist, on business or in transit.   – A return/onward ticket (or electronic ticket record) must    be to a final destination country other than Canada, Mexico    or contiguous (adjacent) countries or territories situated    in or bordering the Caribbean Sea For details, click here . If    passenger holds proof of residence in, or is transiting the    USA to such a country or territory, an onward/return ticket    to that country or territory is accepted.   – Passenger can make side trips to Canada, Mexico or    Caribbean countries/islands, provided first entering the    USA on a carrier participating in the VWP. No additional    time is given (extension) based on the departure to    contiguous (adjacent) territory For details, click here .   – A passenger may enter the USA with a valid visa in an   expired passport, provided For details, click here – Beginning students holding “F”, “J” or “M” student/exchange   visitor visas For details, click here Warning: – Visitors must hold return/onward tickets For details, click here.   (SEE NOTE 46524)     NOTE 46524: Exempt are holders of a valid US visa.     USA (US) Vaccinations not required. Warning: – Those entering on a K-1 or K-2 visa must hold a medical form   FS398 and X-ray plates of chest (full size not necessary).   To facilitate handling upon arrival considerably, passengers   are advised to have these health documents ready in their   hands as they must have them at hand for the health control,   which takes place immediately after disembarkation. CHECK TINEWS/N1 – EGYPT: DOCUMENT VALIDITY

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