Rwanda to Uganda – Cyanika Border Crossing

Another confusing border with some frustrations.

You arrive at the first gate which is to be opened. Step 1 drive-thru the gate and park up in line with the trucks on the side of the road.

Step 2 is to book your car out with your temporary import permit at customs and discharge your CdP if you have used one. You get an official exit confirmation paper stapled to your temporary import permit as proof you have discharged it and the guy will stamp your CdP if used.

Step 3 after stamping out the CDP go over to police clearance where the officer completes another book. They just need your car exit and passport.

Step 4 Drive forwards towards Uganda and stop at a small tent on the left. Park on the road adjacent to it. There is a barrier across the road which is not yet open. Once they have completed a book with your vehicle details the barrier is opened.

Step 5 continue to the Uganda side to do your immigration and temporary import permit for Uganda. Park in the car park to the left.

The immigration has three steps go to the right hand side of the immigration building to stamp out of Rwanda then go to security step 6. The police security is in the building just to the front right of the immigration building. The guy in security at step 6 gives you a little piece of paper that you used to get out of the border at the last gate.

Step 7 go back to the immigration hut to the left hand side and stamp into Uganda. This involves a 10 digit fingerprint and photo. There is a table outside of the Ugandan immigration with a guy handing out arrival cards which you need to complete.

They also asked us repeatedly during this process of where we had come from and where we were going to including where we stayed and wanted our phone number a couple of times. Be prepared with the names of towns you have been to. I wasn’t.

Step 8 go over to the Ugandan Customs building for the temporary import permit for the car that involves the car registration document and passport. He gives you a receipt which you need to go outside to get one of the guys to pay using their mobile phone. Step 9, There is no way to do this using a credit card or cash to the Customs officer. You must do this using a MOMO agent or a guy outside using his phone.

The conversion was $60USD and they all wanted to add on a commission. We had pricing varying from $63 to $70usd. The $63usd was after significant negotiation. They of course wanted pristine US dollar bills and rejected one of ours with a small tear.

Step 10 you can now leave the Border handing in your little piece of paper given to you earlier at the final gate there was some question about another piece of paper which we did not have but he sent us on our way where we would have got this additional little piece of paper I do not know.

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