brown carriage wheel

Romy And Michelles High School Reunion

Todays little job was to figure out where the grinding was coming from on the front right wheel.  I jacked up the car one corner at a time and checked the bearings. No problems there. Now I checked the front swivel pre-loads. very loose, it goes on the list as its a bigish job. Something saved for a campsite in the sun…..with beer to make the day go faster.back to the sound… I give up and conclude Julie will need to jog by the car listening. We do this a Julie says its deffo the front wheel….so on my back again and I see a wheel nut the doesn’t look flush with its bolt. It spins in my fingers! so do the other 4! OH!!!It looks like when I checked the discs in NJ at John and his sons business, the place we fitted the new exhaust, I’d not tightened up one wheel at all. I must have been distracted somehow. They were all loose by the same amount. Thats all it could be.As they said in school, “Neill is easily distracted”. Luckily my ear and with an open window (in the sun) I heard something new and investigated. You’ve all seen a wheel come off a ultra balanced F1 car, well Land Rovers don’t behave the same way…

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