Panic Over

Transfer box removed (twice) and the stripped bolt repaired with a helicoil and the box refitted. Car taken for a test drive and it all seems OK. Need to fill the gearbox with fresh oil after a few miles as i want to make sure the metal fragments generated by fitting the Helicoil are flushed out. Three lots of Diesel are not enough for my piece of mind so a another fresh lot of GL5 oill make me sleep easier. The guy here wants 500KSH per litre so i will try the local Total garage as it will probably be cheaper.The helicoil was 300KSH so not too bad and considering i’d not used one before it was pretty easy.We’re still in Nairobi by the way. Also we’ve bought a new laptop and this was faulty !!! They changed it with no hassle in a few minutes but i was worried that they may not exchange it immediately. They did just that and the service was faultless. I had to wait over night and didn’t get much sleep as i was worried i’d just thrown £530 down the African drain…….not so.

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