More Photos In The Misc Section

We’ve posted some more photos in the misc section. Heres a selection below.1) Some carvings at worlds view. Worth the $1 each to see the view. The carving of the hippos as a bird bath was a bit heavy to bring home.2) The Accomodation donated by Des and Brenda. A very nice  pair of South African’s who let us crash in the spare room in their timeshare for two nights. They looked after us very well indeed.3) How many of these can Julie take?4) Camping at Great Zimbabwe5) Julies new hair style6) Julie at Great  Zimbabwe. Thats a big wall !7) First wild camp in ages. We were found by  a toilet roll holding trucker at daybreak.8) I was very tired after a long drive. Normally i get all the way into bed….9) Crossing from Zam to Zim on the “bungee bridge”

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