We are staying at the overlanders camp site in Luxor. We’ve had a shower and done the washing. Altough they have a machine we hand washed the clothes. They charge £25E for the machine when the last load we got washed and dried and ironed for us was £17E….so as you can see £25E is a rip off considering a service wash is cheaper!! The beer is OK at £16E per bottle. The wine is £18E and Julie has sampled that a couple of times. The food is a reasonable £45E for the evening meal which tonight is fish. The camp site is £85E and the showers were hot although they could do with some renovation. So all in all a resonable camp site and considering the state of the last hotel this is Luxorious. Julie also asked me to say the showers are HOT which is a change. If this is a Trip Advisor review it gets a solid 4 star rating using the official guide for star use. Not the 5 star for everything that seems to have become the norm on there.On the way into town this morning we encountered the normal hassle and we met a English guy on his own walking to Karnak. He was in his late 40’s i’d say and may be 50+. We chatted for a while and it turns out he’s been here 3 days and wanted to go home already. He was sick to death of all the hassle and pushy sales people for Boat Rides, Horse Carrage Rides and Taxis……We both remember Julie going through this phase when we came in 2002. Its shame they do it but we understand they are making a living however i doubt many people will return. In fact we said as much when we left in 2002. Some things never change.We’ve resisted the urge to do anything of a tourist nature today. We went into town for two hours to look at things we rememder from the last time we were here and get some groceries. I’ve washed the car using the pressure washer the other overland truck has brought along. Wounldn’t it be nice to have that much space i could have brought my own pressure washer! I need to grease the propshafts tomorrow, not something i enjoy doing. I tried doing it in the desert but its just too sandy (no pun intended),,,, and one spec of sand can ruin my day sometime in a far flung location.Thanks for all the blog comments so far. Please keep them coming ….and to Mustafa we all make mistakes and theres really no need to correct them. I doubt i’d notice to be honest. I’ve made enough in here myself. I i could correct them i would but for some reason i only have the option to delete a post not amend it. And Neil….where exactly is that Pub? We cannot find it.

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