Oasis On Tour I Thought Theyd Split Up

So not much to report. The good Doctor Mustafa has posted a concise comment about our route. We got through the escort from SIWA to the next oasis with out escort driving too fast. We then stayed at a campsite for the second time in the entire trip. Tonight in Luxor we have the third camp site. The oasis towns were marvellous and i can honestly say the best is SIWA. Its more set up for the tourist and the facilities to use the actual springs are better. The SIWA tourist office was helpful but did’nt have the literature we needed. We only got this in the last oasis (isn’t that always the case) and wev’e realised we’ve missed quite a bit of stuff out but its no problem. The information was thanks to Farhat Shera the assitant manager in the Tourist Office in El Kharga. This is the same person who provided us with the nice omlette and breakfast this morning. Arn’t the Egyptian people turning out to be really helpful and friendly!  I Think Mustafa worries more than my family does although they have now posted some blog comments also. Possibly spurred on by our Egyptian host? The drive today from Baris (Paris) was escort free so was more enjoyable. We saw a whole different aspect to Luxor with the drive across the desert becoming a bit same same.

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