Oh how I hated this series but only after it ended. I wasted so much of my life watching it….the worse ending of all time.Anyhow, our receipt number for the $160usd each isn’t being accepted by the system CSC so helpfully created. So we cannot book our appointment ! As is the way of things like this we are now in the support queue….We are sat here doing nothing waiting. I’m not starting on replacing the shocks until we know what day and time our interview is. If they ever sort out the payments that is. Its going from bad to worse.The USA visa system also requires a passport photo like no other. It must be 5cm square unlike every other passport photo that are normally rectangular. So if you plan on applying make sure you have a nice 600×600 photo of your head and shoulders. They have a picture checking application on the site that’s about the only thing that’s good on there. When you decide to apply you may also come up against the same brain fuddling conundrum we have. We filled out paperwork for a B2 Tourist Visa and on the payment site this is listed as a B2 Medical Visa. I hope this is just a minor issue as I’m not planing on going to hospital in the USA as our travel insurance has just run out. This we cannot re-new as you have to be in the UK to do so. The campsite at Oberland Hotel in La Paz is empty almost but full of a German Overland bus that’s just plonked itself in the middle of the camp in the worse place possible. The only thing its good for is shade as its damn hot here and we are still high up so the sun is very strong. We have the awning out and the South African Engineered Solar Panel. Installed and fitted by Kobus/Bird Engineering. We had a flat leisure battery yesterday for some as of yet unexplained reason. I hope the battery itself isn’t failing.

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