America Visa

Named after the film America Visa….Although,,,, we should be picking ours up tomorrow. The film is about a Bolivian National who applies for a US Visa……strange coincidence ?My mother will be pleased to know they didn’t even want to see the scans (she spent ages doing) of our old passports. I asked him and nearly pleeded with him to take a look but he didn’t want to see them. He did however acknowledge your efforts Mum. So Thanks you now have official recognition from the US governement for your skills in I.T. and administration.Took about 1hr 30mins toget in an out. So all in, 5 days to get it. We will get a B1/B2 visa we think which means I can use it for business meetings if I ever need to go there for an employer. Matilda has new shock bushes front and rear and apart from the fact they are Toyota bushes she’s happy. She also has new shocks on the rear. I thought it about time to remove the odd shocks that have been on for 40,000km !We are now looking for conveyor belt to make some mud flaps. The front has split and those of you who know Land Rovers will think this strange. The rears normally fall off first. We my rear is held together by Aluminium so has been OK for the entire journey. The fronts are probably as old as the car. The braket is a royal pain to remove….! Dremel in use again. Thankfully is 220 volt here.Our friends have come through with the parts. They will be here Saturday. I still need drive flanges but they can wait till Ecuador as they are only for the spares box. I can now lock the wheel hubs with new washers next time they come loose.

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